About this Blog

There isn’t much to say about me and this blog.  I’m a 33, married with one child, a daughter.  This blog was created to give me an outlet for putting my thoughts down on anything and everything that remotely revolves around food.  I’ve discovered that food is a huge part of me and it is an important aspect of my life and personality.  I enjoy talking about, cooking and of course eating wonderful meals.  I’m not a food critic or a culinary expert, nor do I want you to believe that I am.  In fact, my profession in life has nothing to do with food.  I simply love it, and that is all.  If you visit this site, know that I don’t expect you to like it, read any of it, or ever come back.  But if you do, perhaps me and you have something in common and feel free to share your thoughts with me.



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